Parents Evening

  1. Please ensure that you use your daughters Zoom username. This is to ensure that you are easily identifiable to the teachers. Non-BYPS Zoom users are not permitted entry to the meetings.

  2. We ask that you ensure that you are not in the presence of others when speaking to the teachers on Zoom.

  3. When clicking on your class Zoom link, you will be entered into a Waiting Room.

  4. The teachers aim to run the parent meetings on time, however, some meetings may run overtime. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

  5. Teachers will meet parents in the order of the Parent Evening timetable.

Zoom Links

Nursery Ahavoh - Miss EN Wilk - Mrs S Baskind

Nursery Chessed - Mrs R Adler - Mrs K Rogowski

Reception Ahavoh - Mrs C Heller - Mrs T Gerrard

Reception Chessed -  Mrs D Emanuel - Mrs B Weltman

Year 1 Ahavoh - Miss M Kahn - Mrs K Cohen

Year 1 Chessed - Miss D Wilk - Miss A Lando

Year 2 Ahavoh - Miss N Friedman - Mrs L Josephs

Year 2 Chessed - Miss B Marelus - Mrs S Romer

Year 2 Emes - Mrs E Yodaiken - Mrs C Silver & Mrs N Hajioff

Year 3 Ahavoh - Miss S Sanger - Miss S Brand

Year 3 Chessed - Miss S Glejser - Miss S Symon

Year 4 Ahavoh - Mrs M Feingold - Mrs R Garson

Year 4 Chessed - Miss D Grant - Mrs C Hersh

Year 5 Ahavoh - Miss C Conick - Mrs M Katanka

Year 5 Chessed - Miss Y Van Praagh - Mrs L Harris

Year 6 Ahavoh - Mrs M Gordon - Mrs D Srebernik

Year 6 Chessed - Miss D Rose - Mrs D Sumroy

Year 6 Emes - Miss M Cohen - Mrs S Ezekiel

Mrs Nathan’s Maths Group - Mrs S Nathan

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